BioLeonhardt Whole Body

BodStim Bioelectric Suit

The ONLY bioelectric body suit with patented bioelectric signals for increasing circulating Klotho a powerful anti-aging and muscle regeneration protein. Follistatin, IGF1 and LIM Muscle bioelectric controlled protein expressions for enhanced muscle building and recovery. VEGF, PDGF and other protein expressions for improving circulation and exercise recovery. Controlled bioelectric release of tropoelastin designed to improve elasticity of skin and tendons. All of the components within a comfortable stretch body suit in optimal adaptation to your body.

Regulatory Note – Our primary bioelectric stimulator supplier Mettler Electronics of Anaheim, CA has FDA 510K market clearance and CE Mark regulatory clearance for improving circulation, relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention of muscle atrophy, muscle re-education, maintaining and increasing muscle and joint motion, Prevention of venous thrombosis in limbs, symptomatic relief of pain, relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness, relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Our patented signals and sequences we pre-program into the Mettler stimulator all fall within their regulatory cleared range of signals for the stimulator device.

BioLeonhardt Whole Body

BodStim Bioelectric Suit

All of the components have been arranged to form a compact whole characterised by its perfect adaptation to the body.

By BioLeonhardt Whole Body

  1. Help heal and recover muscle function following exercise or injury.
  2. Improve blood circulation.
  3. Reduce inflammation and pain.
  4. Improve joint(s) motion and reduce joint pain and stiffness.
  5. Reduce the risk of venous thrombosis.
  6. Improve damaged nerve connections (still under investigation)
  7. Improve elasticity of tissues (still under investigation).
  8. Recover from muscle spasms.
U.S. FDA 510K 181955 Market Clearance

Indications for Use

BodStim TM by Wiemspro is intended to stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. The BodStim TM by Weimspro is not intended to be used in conjunction with therapy or treatment of medical diseases or medical conditions of any kind. None of BodStim TM by Weimspro training programs is designed for injured or ailing muscles and its use on such muscles is contraindicated.

BodStim TM by Wiemspro is a machine with electronic muscle stimulation based on EMS technology. Regarding its use, the device is specifically designed as an addition to other sports and for training muscles. It must be used for only healthy muscles and clients, not for rehabilitation purposes.

BodStim TM by Wiemspro electrical impulses allow the triggering of action potentials on motoneurons of motor nerves (excitations). These excitations of motoneurons are transmitted to the muscle fibers via the motor endplate where they generate mechanical muscle fiber responses that correspond to muscle work. Depending on the parameters of the electrical impulses (pulse frequency, duration of contraction, duration of rest, total session duration), different types of muscle work can be imposed on the stimulated muscles (with varying muscle based protein expressions created such as Klotho and Follistain)

Any other use other than that mentioned above will be for Investigational Use Only and requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Ethics Committee advance approval and may require FDA clearance ahead of enrollment with an approved patient consent form and clinical protocol. Such studies will also require proper controls in place including a secure database and an assigned Principal Investigator and may requite an independent Data & Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) with authority to discontinue enrollment at any time. All clinical sites must meet strict established.minimum criteria to enroll patients and must be trained and be ready to implement properly Adverse Event Reporting, when needed.