BodStim Bioelectric Suit by BioLeonhardt Whole Body

BioLeonhardt Whole Body

BodStim Bioelectric Suit

The ONLY bioelectric body suit with patented bioelectric signals for increasing circulating Klotho a powerful anti-aging and muscle regeneration protein. Follistatin, IGF1 and LIM Muscle bioelectric controlled protein expressions for enhanced muscle building and recovery. VEGF, PDGF and other protein expressions for improving circulation and exercise recovery. Controlled bioelectric release of tropoelastin designed to improve elasticity of skin and tendons. All of the components within a comfortable stretch body suit in optimal adaptation to your body.


These electrodes are strategically located around the body. Electrodes are over and under the kidneys and over skeletal muscle to help stimulate circulatory Klotho production. Above and under the liver to help stimulate IGF1 production. The electric stimulation is divided into two (2) categories starting with the sub-muscle contraction patented Leonhardt bioelectric (1) signal sequences designed to increase specific regenerative protein expressions such as klotho, follistatin, LIM muscle and IGF1 for muscle regeneration and muscle building, IGF1, sonic hedgehog and LIM for nerve regeneration, SDF1 and PDGF for stem cell homing, VEGF, eNOS, SDF1, PDGF, HIF1a, CXCL5 for improving blood circulation, tropoelastin and COL17A1 for improving elasticity of tissues. Certain signaling sequences focus on reducing acute, systemic and chronic inflammation and others on pain relief. Other built in electrical stimulation protocols send impulses to the deepest layers of muscles, (2) generating a natural muscle contraction.

All the bioelectric signaling and muscle contraction stimulation impulses are sent through 10+ pairs of state-of-the-art electrodes that are flexible, interchangeable, anti-bacterial and highly resistant to damage.

Regulatory Note – Our primary bioelectric stimulator supplier Mettler Electronics of Anaheim, CA has FDA 510K market clearance and CE Mark regulatory clearance for improving circulation, relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention of muscle atrophy, muscle re-education, maintaining and increasing muscle and joint motion, Prevention of venous thrombosis in limbs, symptomatic relief of pain, relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness, relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Our patented signals and sequences we pre-program into the Mettler stimulator all fall within their regulatory cleared range of signals for the stimulator device.


These electrodes are connected to the device through a series of cables specifically designed to fit inside the interior wires and avoid direct contact with the sportsperson.

  • BodStim increases circulating Klotho 150% on average
  • Aerobic vigorous exercise alone 3X a week only increases klotho 12%
  • Increases release of muscle repair and building protein Follistain
  • Increases release of muscle repair and building protein IGF1
  • Increases multiple protein expressions for collagen repair and elasticity recovery
  • Only two 30 to 60 minute stimulation sessions a week needed for noticeable results
  • Designed to produce in 40 minute to 1 hour workout the same muscle building and anti-aging benefits as a 3 to 4 hour work out.

BioLeonhardt Whole Body

BodStim Bioelectric Suit

All of the components have been arranged to form a compact whole characterised by its perfect adaptation to the body.

By BioLeonhardt Whole Body

  1. Help heal and recover muscle function following exercise or injury.
  2. Improve blood circulation.
  3. Reduce inflammation and pain.
  4. Improve joint(s) motion and reduce joint pain and stiffness.
  5. Reduce the risk of venous thrombosis.
  6. Improve damaged nerve connections (still under investigation)
  7. Improve elasticity of tissues (still under investigation).
  8. Recover from muscle spasms.
The BodStim team is working with Second Brain on research related to stomach abdominal stimulation to improve gut microbiota function with the intention to improve immune system strength, serotonin production and thus brain mood, including potentially reducing risk of dementia, memory-loss, depression and addictions. The latter three in additional collaboration with MemoryStim, DepressiStim and AddictiStim innovation platform teams and emerging startups within the Leonhardt Ventures LLC portfolio. We will keep you abreast of progress on this research.

* The BodStim bioelectric primary choice stimulator made in Anaheim, California, the Model 240, is FDA 510K cleared and CE Marked for improving blood circulation, pain relief, muscle recovery and muscle motion improvement as well as treating muscle spasms. It is also indicated for treating joint aches and stiffness, arthritis, and for preventing deep vein thrombosis in calf muscles. BodStim also sources portable stimulators from a manufacturer based in Arizona that has FDA 510K clearance for similar indications of use and for South American markets a vendor in Brazil that has not yet received FDA or CE Mark clearances but has market clearance in the MercoSur countries.