BodStim Bioelectric Suit by BioLeonhardt Whole Body


Frequently Asked Questions

BodStim Bioelectric Suit

What is BodStim?
BodStim TM by BioLeonhardt Whole Body is a bioelectric stimulation suit under development designed and intended to help improve circulation, regenerate damaged muscle, regenerate damage nerves, improve gut health and brain mood, reduce high blood pressure, pain relief, improve skin elasticity and tone, improve bladder and kidney function.
What is BodStim Mechanism of Action?
Patented or patent pending bioelectric signaling sequences are designed to control these protein expressions for these intended purposes…

1. SDF1 and PDGF for stem cell homing and improved circulation.
2. VEGF, eNOS and HIF1a for improved circulation.
3. IGF1, SHH and LIM for nerve regeneration.
4. Klotho, Follistatin and LIM muscle for muscle regeneration.
5. Tropoelastin and COL17A1 for improving elasticity.

Klotho, an anti-aging gene and protein, has many potential health benefits and is our featured bioelectric protein expression inaddition to just muscle regeneration including potential reduce inflammation and calcification of arteries and heart valves.

Is BodStim FDA cleared?
Our microcurrent stimulator has FDA 510K market clearance only for improving circulation, pain relief, muscle injury recovery and muscle motion improvement as well as muscle spasm recovery. It is not cleared for any other indications of use. The electrodes within the BodStim suit are FDA cleared for muscle stimulation only.