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BodStim Bioelectric Suit
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Components of the BodStim electrostimulation suit
At BioLeonhardt Whole Body with the BodStim Bioelectric Suit we work with three types of EMS suits.
Firstly, the Revolution Pro electrostimulation suit is formed by two parts: an electrostimulation vest or stimulator vest, and stimulator trousers with electrodes. Both are joined at the waist.

Secondly, the Ultra Light electrostimulation suit has a design that is more similar to a cycling suit, and it is a complete suit, offering a slimmer version.

And third and lastly, we have the Slim Lithe electrostimulator trousers, which enable you to carry out specific training for the core and legs.

These designs allow the sportsperson to carry out high-intensity training with the greatest resistance, control and comfort. Our electrostimulation suits are manufactured using cutting-edge technology, and strengthened using advanced materials that maintain functionality and comfort at all times.

These types of suits have:


These electrodes are strategically located around the body. The electrodes send an impulse to the deepest layers of our muscles, generating a natural muscular contraction. This impulse is sent through 10 pairs of state-of-the-art electrodes, and they are flexible, interchangeable, antibacterial and highly resistant.


These electrodes are connected to the device through a series of cables specifically designed to fit inside the interior wires and avoid direct contact with the sportsperson.


What if your yoga pants or athletic garment could not only monitor what is going on in your body but could deliver bioelectric signals to control stem cell homing, muscle repair, improved circulation and faster recovery from minor and major injuries? What if these bioelectric pants could cause your body to release natural tropoelastin to improve elasticity of your skin and arteries? IGF-1 for anti-aging and DNA repair? This is the vision of Bod-Stim the new product development unit of BioLeonhardt Whole Body! What if this wearable tech device could stimulate protein releases that help you lose weight, manage inflammation and your blood pressures? What if these bioelectric signals were customized real time after reading your body? What if a garment could detect cancer early? How about pants that serve to improve your memory and brain function? Pants that help you run and exercise longer and faster with less pain afterwards? Garments that promote healthier stronger bones and better posture? This may sound like science fiction to most but to the Bod-Stim research team at BioLeonhardt Whole Body and Leonhardt’s Launchpads these are all goals we feel are in ready reach. We are embarking on developing the most advanced athletic garments ever developed. We bring over 30 years bioelectric and stem cell regeneration experience to the table. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Note – This is not our device. This is only a dramatization of the vision for the device which has yet to be built yet.

BioLeonhardt Whole Body is a unit of Leonhardt Ventures incubating in the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. in Santa Monica, California and also at Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah with some assistance from Leonhardt’s Launchpads NorCal at the University of Northern California in Rohnert Park, California.